I work on many different Git repositories. For each of them I have a particular email address and sometimes a GPG key. Even the Git flow might be different; always --no-ff (or not), pull --rebase instead of merge,…

To deal with it I recently learned about Conditional includes. It’s basically a way to include additional Git config files with a given condition. You have to configure it as a new section in your Git repository.

In my case I organize projects and repositories with the following tree:

└── development
    ├── allocloud
    │   └── (...) # ALLOcloud's repos
    ├── <project x>
    │   └── (...) # Repos from project x
    └── (...) # Other repos

For each project, I created a specific .gitconfig file that include in my main ~/.gitconfig:

    name = Raphael Medaer
    email = raphael@medaer.me
    signingkey = D4D764423DCEA9FC90327C78FE29196052B47DF1

    gpgSign = true

[includeIf "gitdir:~/documents/development/allocloud/**"]
    path = ~/documents/development/allocloud/.gitconfig

# (...)