It’s been a while I’m thinking to start a blog. It raised a lot of questions and I was not sure how/why/when to start. In the following lines I answer some of these questions and I explain how I’ll (try to) maintain this blog.

What do I want to write ?

It’s maybe be the easier one. I want to put on paper everything I feel interesting to share with you. From deep development technics to highly emotive political ideas.

Who will read this ?

I don’t really know. I guess the audience depends on each subject.

How do I want to write ? Do I like blog platforms ? Is it time consuming to host a blog my self ?

I’m reading a lot of posts from so many blogs and people. Some of them are hosted on shared platform, some other are self-hosted. Some of them are using Jekyll, some other WordPress. When I’m thinking about which blog I like and why, I figure out that I don’t really care about the how. My concern is to read good content. Either on Medium, nor on Github page this is not the purpose. So I decided to use the easier solution for my needs; a Jekyll blog hosted on Github Page.

Do I want comments ?

Of course I want comments. I even need comments. Your feedback is so important to help me growing up. Although I didn’t choose a commenting solution for now, I would propose to open issues on this repository for each post I publish.

Do I have times to do it ?

I don’t think hope it’s not too much time consuming. I’m feeling confident to do it without taking too much time. For instance this post took me 15 minutes. Sounds OK!

There is for sure a lot of remaining questions but it seems like a good start. I hope it will be a nice never-ending story for me… and for you as well!